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The SAFELIFTER is a highly innovative safety lifting device that self-aligns and attaches to cranes, lifting arms, hoists and winches.

The primary objectives in developing the SAFELIFTER were Safety, Strength and Cost Effectiveness.

The SAFELIFTER has been designed primarily for use in the water treatment industry, where its safety features can enable pumps that require regular maintenance to be lifted and lowered into and out of pump/lifting stations, wells or any confined or hazardous spaces that would normally put people’s safety at risk.

Combining a highly innovative, cutting-edge design with precision engineering, the SAFELIFTER is manufactured from the very highest quality non-corrosive steel to give it exceptional strength. With its highly versatile design, the SAFELIFTER can be used with any type of crane, mobile, telescopic or truck-mounted as well as with hoists, lifting arms and steel wire winches.

As the SAFELIFTER can hang from any conventional crane hook, significant changes to the existing operating procedure being used in any given location are unnecessary.

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